Get ready for the ultimate sports showdown with Sports Brawl! This high-energy game features six thrilling sports including Aussie Rules Football, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Waterpolo and Basketball. Compete against friends in local or online multiplayer matches with up to 10 players per game, or challenge yourself against optional AI opponents. Battle it out for glory, using your skills and strategy to punch and kick your way to victory. But beware, every punch disconnects your arm, making it even more challenging, don't forget to pick it back up again! With its casual and fun-filled gameplay, Sports Brawl is the perfect party game for a night of laughter and excitement. So gather your friends, pick your sport and get ready to brawl!

To use a controller or add extra local players; connect your controller/s and press any controller button from the main menu (before joining a room).

Join the discord for development updates, playtesting, to provide feedback or to just chat:


  1. Keyboard + Mouse:
    1. Move - W A S D
    2. Punch - Left Mouse Click or P
    3. Kick - Right Mouse Click or K
    4. Jump - Space
    5. Player Emotes - 1,2,3,4
    6. Toggle Player Round Stats - Tab
    7. Toggle Menu - Esc
  2. Controller (Play Station):
    1. Move - Left Thumbstick
    2. Punch - O or Square
    3. Kick - X
    4. Jump - Triangle
    5. Player Emotes - DPad
    6. Toggle Player Round Stats - Share
    7. Toggle Menu - Options
  3. Controller (XBox)
    1. Move - Left Thumbstick
    2. Punch - B or X
    3. Kick - A
    4. Jump - Y
    5. Player Emotes - DPad
    6. Toggle Player Round Stats - View
    7. Toggle Menu - Menu
  4. Controller (Switch Pro)
    1. Move - Left Thumbstick
    2. Punch - A or Y
    3. Kick - B
    4. Jump - X
    5. Player Emotes - DPad
    6. Toggle Player Round Stats - Minus (-)
    7. Toggle Menu - Plus (+)


You can create an account using your device id or facebook. Optionally you can link the device id or a facebook account after logging in from the account menu. Accounts with a facebook linked allow you to log in or recover your account on different devices/browsers and game versions. 

NOTE: facebook login is only supported on WebGL/Android.

NOTE: facebook login may require you to unblock popups on this page for the login prompt to be shown correctly.


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This is great! I love how you used the theme of reconnecting the limbs. Nice work!

Thanks for playing :)

Ye it was sort of a last minute change but I think it actually ended up being an interesting mechanic.


Just did an online match! SOOOOOO much fun!

That was me! :D wondering who it was haha. Thanks for playing!


I figured it was you! You're a pro! Haha!

I might have had some practice :P


Good Job

Thanks :)


i can't start

Firstly, thanks for giving it a go :)
What is the problem, what doesn't start for you?



I mean, like does it just not load the game at all? Does it not allow you to connect to a room? Does it not start the game properly once in a room? I'm not sure what I need to fix with just "I can't start"


I played alone but it can be really fun playing against friends :)

Thanks for giving it a go :)