Post-Game Jam and Version 1.4.0

The game jam is over, judging has been completed and I won the category for best networked physics! yay! Congrats to everyone who entered and thanks to the game jam hosts (global game jam and photon), it was a lot of fun and will definitely be joining again next year! I'm going to keep working on the game, starting with some updates I have made during the judging period which I can now upload :)

Version 1.4.0:

  • Added player customisation (sort of, I'm yet to add player accounts and UI choose different parts)
  • Added (optional) AI controlled players
  • Added new maps (Soccer Pitch, Ice Hockey Rink, Volleyball Court, Waterpolo Pool)
  • Added new ball types (Soccer/Waterpolo ball, Puck, Volleyball)
  • Can join matches using a "Room code"
  • Added private matches
  • Added silhouette to ball when obscured
  • Added "mini-game" to recover from knockouts faster
  • Added more particle effects
  • Can see player names above player heads
  • Added coloured ring beneath local players to help with visual clarity
  • Added arrow icon to help locate ball when it is offscreen
  • Updated targeting system to target ball/opponents when in range before targeting teammates

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